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what to expect

Before Your Session

What to Bring:
- Bring the outfits you've chosen, you're collection that you booked includes a certain number of outfits that apply to the session that you booked!
****Please be sure to cut the tags off of all lingerie, because you can see them in photos!
- Even if you don't like heels, I always recommend to bring them in case you might change your mind!
- Any jewelry that you'd like to wear, you absolutely don't have to but if you want to!

How to Prepare:
- If you are getting a tan or spray tanning, make sure that you tan everything and not just certain parts! I recommend a professional spray tan rather than doing it yourself.
- Wear loose fitting clothing to the sessions so that you don't have marks from your clothes on your body beforehand.
- Double check the collection you choose ; if your collection does NOT include makeup, please come to the studio prepare and ready as there will not be time to apply makeup in studio. If your collection includes makeup please come to the studio with a washed face and no makeup application on. If you have allergies please let me or the makeup artist know at least one week prior to your session.

What to Expect:
- Try NOT to panic/be nervous. I know typically its not easy because it's a boudoir session but just TRY! LOL!
- You'll come into the studio which is in building #2 on the 3rd floor, its the building closest to the gas station. Sorry about the stairs! Once you come in, PLEASE KNOCK, then we'll talk about the session for a minute, what your "goals" are and if you have any questions before hand!
- I'll pose you throughout the session so you don't have to worry about that, you can absolutely move yourself and pose but there is no expectation to!

- You'll feel like a billion bucks! No kidding though, literally everyone comes in all nervous and then leaves feeling AMAZING!
- We'll talk about what's included with your collection (the book, amount of photos, etc)


Payment + Discounts

Check your contract to see what you owe. The retainer you paid initially is going to be subtracted from the total price, so that's the balance. Below is the link to pay your balance prior to the session. This link is only for in studio newborn sessions. If you'd like to pay cash, you can do so on the day of to receive a $50 discount. 

Baltimore Boudoir Photography

The Photos

Check your contract to determine the time in which you'll receive your images back. Typically its within 1-2 weeks!

Keep in mind your session includes minimal editing, not retouching, if you'd like additional edits please refer to your contract for anything that includes blemish removal or detailed retouching.

Once you receive your images you can download all of them directly to your computer. You'll need a computer to download the full gallery but if you have only a phone you can download individual photos at a time.

Following this, check back to your contract and confirm what else is included with your package. 

These images are yours and I won't share them publicly without your consent at any time. Your privacy and confidentiality are SO important to me!

Ordering The Book

01. Check your contract, if your book includes a certain amount of images those are the maximum amount of images that will fit in your book. The more images that you choose the smaller they will be on the pages allotted. If you'd like more "full spread" images just reduce the amount of images you are selecting.

02. You will go into your gallery and start a "favorites" list. Please type in your email for the favorites list. For all the images you'd like to select for your book you will "heart" the images. Once you've hearted a few, click on the heart icon at the top menu of the page. It will direct you to separate page where you can view the amount of images and allow you to review them.

03. Once you are happy with your selection of images, click on the "paper airplane" icon at the top right of your favorites gallery and select "send to photographer". Please include your full name and address when sending your favorites gallery if shipping is included. This is the location your book will be shipped.

04. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery unless otherwise specified. If you'd like faster turnaround of your book you can pick up from the studio within 5 days of your favorites selection. Just make sure that you message me prior to doing so!

Boudoir Pre-Session Questionnaire

Woot! Almost ready for your session!!!

I just want to gather some information from you and get you THINKING about your upcoming boudoir session.

Please fill this out to the best of your ability, and don't worry many things might change leading up to your shoot date!

What kind of ligerie would you like to wear?
If you are using the client closet, what size fits you best?
If we are doing your makeup, what is your style preference?

Thanks for submitting!

My Cockeysville boudoir studio is located at 12 Galloway Avenue, Suite 3D in Cockeysville Maryland.
Just off York Rd between Target & Lowes/Sams Club
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