01. Complete the online 'google doc' itinerary form found HERE
02. Schedule a phone or in person meeting to go over the completed itinerary
03. Send any pertinent planning information from your wedding planner, venue, caterer, DJ, or anyone else so I can go over.
04. Pay the final invoice for your wedding, due 30 days prior. 
05. Confirm 5 your FINAL itinerary I will create and email to you one week before the wedding day. 

The Final Consult

With one month left to go before the "I Do's" we need to talk! I'm super stoked for all of my couples and one of the most important aspects of my job is to know what's happening so I can capture it. Here's what you need to do for me AT LEAST 3 weeks before the wedding.

last minute suggestions

> send out copies of your itinerary from your various vendors to family, VIP guests and bridal party
> make sure that you plan to eat and drink something before or during getting ready
> have a wooden hanger to hang the dress on for photos and keep a bag/box of all your details for photos (rings, invitation, jewelry, perfume, shoes, etc.)
> designate someone to be a "time checker" during getting ready to keep on track
> have an "oh shit kit" with you that has: Advil or Tylenol, stain remover, sewing kit, tissues, and anything else important
> find SOME time to be alone with each other during the wedding day (before or after the ceremony) just the two of you, tel everyone else to wait and MAKE time for each other because it goes quick. so slow it down.
> if you are providing meals for your vendors, ask your caterer to serve them when the bride/groom are served so that the meal you are paying for isn't wasted. frequently they serve us after the final guest has been served and by that time we are back working again and the food is wasted
> take time for photos at the end of the night for some backlit creative shots
> be flexible. things happen, it could rain, it could be cold, etc... make sure that you make the best of anything that happens and trust your wedding team. we do weddings for a living and know things you may not, so try to just enjoy it and trust we've got you covered.


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