This is a rough time for everyone, like everyone. In an attempt to alleviate some stress and confusion I'm outlining my rescheduling policies for any couple for 2020 who is uncertain about their wedding date.
Additionally, I'm outlining what precautions I'm taking for studio and outdoor sessions.

step one:

contact your venue

You deserve to have your wedding day! Postpone your wedding date, do not cancel it. 

Contact your venue first and ask for dates they have available in 2021. Venues typically only book 1 wedding a day so it is important that they are consulted with first about a date change. 

step two:

contact your vendors

Reach out to all your vendors and let them know the date options your venue provided. Ideally everyone should be available for at least one of those dates. Remember each vendor is a small business so each will have their own rescheduling policies.

step three:

date change

> Send an "unsave the date" to your guests.

> Follow-up with a new save the date 12 weeks before your new date.

> Send an official invitation 8 weeks before your date.

> Send these digitally (free and eco-friendly) or via mail.


All 2020 weddings affected by COVID19 are easily able to transfer and reschedule their wedding date to a new date in 2021. There is absolutely no additional fee to you as long as you book your wedding for the same day of the week that you originally had it arranged for and in some cases you will receive a discount or special incentive for booking a non-Saturday date. 



If you are able to reschedule your current Fri/Sat/Sun 2020 wedding with me for a Monday-Thursday (non holidays) in 2021 you will receive a credit back to your account of 15% your total collection cost and an additional hour of wedding coverage. 


If you originally had a Saturday 2020 wedding date and are able to reschedule with me on a Friday or a Sunday in 2021 you will receive a $100 print credit if you reschedule your wedding to a Friday or Sunday in 2021. If your wedding was originally a Friday or a Sunday in 2020 and moving to another Friday/Sunday in 2021 there will be no changes.


If you originally had a Saturday wedding date for 2020 and reschedule for a Saturday in 2021 your collection will transfer equivalently. Any other weddings originally on a different date other than a Saturday will have to pay a $250 fee to reschedule to a Saturday for 2021.


These transfer policies are due to how limited Saturdays are for 2021 due to early reschedules from March/April/May/June as well as already booked dates for 2021. Keep in mind that I typically book weddings 12-18 months in advance and therefore many dates will be booked up quickly once venues reopen for couples to do any walk-throughs. I will absolutely allow ALL 2020 couples to have a soft-hold for their wedding, please see below for details on soft-holds. 


Couples affected by COVID19 government shut-downs may only transfer their existing contract and reschedule their wedding date one (1) time without having to pay a new retainer fee


If you are uncertain about keeping or rescheduling your wedding date, you can put a soft hold on date for 2021. If another couple decides to book that new date or reschedule their wedding for that date, you will then have 72 hours to decide if you want to move forward with officially rescheduling or the date will be released to the other couple. 


You definitely do not have to reschedule your wedding day, in fact many couples are choosing to KEEP their wedding date. Instead of rescheduling, they are now 'downsizing' their weddings, having less guests and cutting options to fit within the new social gatherings guidelines. In the event that any 2020 couple wants to decrease the size and coverage hours of your wedding, you can 'downgrade' your wedding collection with me. 

Meaning, if you booked me for 8 hours of coverage with 2 photographers but are thinking you only want 1 photographer for 4 hours to meet your new needs for your wedding coverage, I will downgrade the collection and we will amend the contract to that new package choice. The amount already paid towards your original coverage will be credited to the new collection; the new collection choice must be equivalent to or more than what you've already paid towards your wedding. Any additional amount already paid and not used for the new wedding collection will be credited to the clients to use through December 31st 2022 for any other service I offer or for additional prints or albums. For reference, I also do maternity, newborn and family photography in addition to boudoir that you may use this credit for.


Client paid $1,855 towards their June 24th 2020 wedding but is now having to downsize their wedding due to social gatherings restrictions and therefore changing their wedding day up a bit. Client now only wants 4 hours of wedding coverage with 1 photographer (totaling $2,000+tax). Client will only be responsible for paying the difference of $145+tax towards the new collection totaling $2,000+tax of the $1,855+tax credited towards it. 


Your original retainer payment and any payments made are applied to your new wedding date. All of your payment due dates will remain on the same schedule outlined in your original contract unless otherwise specified.

If you have questions or would like to reschedule please reach out to me at


updated 05/23/2020

dates and availability are subject to change without notice

= available

= not available

= soft hold date

= contact me

studio policies


You will need to sign a waiver prior to entering the studio. The waiver outlines the sick policy, cleaning policy, rescheduling policy and what I am doing to keep you safe!

wash your hands

You will need to wash your hands in the bathroom as soon as you walk into the studio.  Scrubba dub.

air purifier

To keep fresh air circulating I will have a window open and an air purifier running


You are not required to wear a mask during your session but I will be wearing a mask at all times. 

social distance

I kindly ask that you keep your distance from me. In different circumstances hugs and handshakes would be welcomed but right now the rule is 6ft.


When leaving the studio you will need to wash your hands again or use the hand sanitizer station.


All surfaces in the studio and will be wiped down and disinfected between each session/meeting.. This includes any sets or props used or album samples touched.

Schedule Spacing

Sessions and/or meetings will have an adequate amount of time between them to allow for cleaning and sanitizing.

outdoor session policies

You will need to sign a waiver prior to your session. The waiver outlines the sick policy, rescheduling policy and what I am doing to keep you safe!

I will be wearing a mask your entire session, you are not required to wear one outdoors.

I kindly ask that you keep your distance from me.

In different circumstances hugs and handshakes would be welcomed but right now the rule is 6ft apart.

Most outdoor locations require a permit application and/or fee or permission from the property owner, you are responsible for ensuring we can shoot at the outdoor location you choose. 

wedding blogs you may find helpful:

I'd love to help you with whatever I possibly can.

If you have any other questions about transferring and rescheduling your wedding,

if you are choosing to do so, please let me know. 


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