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Workshops, Mentoring & Other Awesome Shit.

Mentoring, workshops, and content days

There are so many people out there now offering workshops, styled shoots, retreats, etc. that it is so overwhelming to determine who to trust and where to put your money when you're trying to invest in your business. I offer a few different kinds of learning experiences for different levels of photographers as well as women in business. I believe in sharing all my knowledge rather than giving you "fluff" that is "just enough" like many other industry educators do because they feel like they shouldn't share it all. I'll go over my background, how I started, where I'm at now in my photography career, and why I believe I am able to teach others meaningful, relevant, success oriented and photography education. 

oh hey it's me!

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Masters in School Counseling (not related at all LOL)
SPECIALITY AREAS: Wedding & Boudoir
OTHER AREAS COVERED: Maternity, Newborn, Family & Branding

I got into photography in high school and loved it, which was probably about 80 years ago now, hahaha, but didn't take is as a serious business endeavor until I got pregnant with my first set of twins in 2013. I realized that I couldn't afford to pay for childcare for my twin newborns on a teacher salary even with two bachelors degrees and a masters degree so I shadowed with another photographer and essentially taught myself the ropes. I started with weddings, which when other photographers hear that they think "oh my god" because it can be really stressful but it was a great way to learn by doing really quickly but ALOT of mistakes were made along the way to really being able to call myself a professional photographer. I started heading to workshops and educational retreats in late 2015 after my third son was born because at that point I realized how others were able to make a living wage off of their passion. It wasn't until 2018 that I really hit a milestone as I began to make more than my husband and I was killing it, making six figures a year and it was amazing. Then 2020 hit and I got to a point where I had no income for months, couldn't pay my mortgage, no hope for my business baby that I'd built from nothing, and felt like it was all over. But I pushed through and kept working, kept creating, and in 2021 my business took off again thankfully! Now in 2023 I can say this will be my most profitable year to date as I have two studios now and consistent flow of new clients as well as repeat clientele. 

What makes you qualified to teach a workshop or be a mentor?
Honestly, I'm not sure because that question sounds like a sales pitch waiting to happen which is exactly why my business is successful, I don't just sell my work I sell my self to my clients and provide experiences to them -- which is what I want to do as a mentor to other photographers. Also one of the biggest reasons I'm jumping back into education and mentoring is I'm seeing SO many photographers being taken advantage of by greedy "industry professionals" preying on new photographers who love their work and have all these aspirations of being "just like them" when in reality they teach absolutely nothing and give false hope to many who are trying to make a career rather than make friends at a buillshit "workshop retreat". I've been one of those photographers who has invested in those "retreats" and can say how much I loathe them. I want to provide information, resources, and VALUABLE RELEVANT information that you need to build a LONG term successful business, not just look successful on instagram. 


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