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Your wedding is only weeks away!

1. If we haven't scheduled a time to chat about your timeline, let's figure out a time now. This takes between 15 - 30 minutes but I allot about an hour in case you have more things to chat about.
2. Check your contract to review what's included, what is left to pay, and anything else.
3. If your venue needs a COI I need to know ASAP so I can request one from my insurance company.
4. Fill this out, now! :)

5. For the "getting ready part" if you have me included in that time, keep all your details together in a box/bag. Both partners need one so I can get those cute little detail shots. Also, if your florist has extra "sprigs" have them deliver them to you before I arrive so I can use in your detail photos. DON'T FORGET A WOODEN HANGER!
6. Are you feeding me? If so let me know if your caterer requires me to choose a meal or not. No big if you pick for me, but figured I'd toss that in here!
7. Want to do the epic shots? Make sure that you note the crazy ones I do on the google doc to fill out so I know if I have to bring my drone. Also if you want the champagne shots then you gotta supply the booze!
8. My cell is 4102620785, totally feel free to text/call me with any emergency information. But email if it can totally wait.
9. Email ALL your vendors together, include everyone in a mass email CCing everyone requesting details/information that each vendor has to be included in the email's to each other. Meaning if anyone has a timeline/itinerary for the day of see if they can just attach to a mass email so everyone you are hiring knows what everyone else is doing. :)
10. Get ready for an AMAZING day!!!! <3
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