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Baltimore Wedding Photographer


Please fill out this form HERE as soon as you have all the details, I need it to put together your details for your wedding :)

> if your venue requires a COI (certificate of insurance) please reach out to me NOW to get that from my insurance company to send over to them. 

> start thinking about your timeline, most of my couples give me about 1 hour total for photos of the wedding party, family, and the couple.

> details that you have that you want captured, like the dress/shoes/rings/invitations etc. make sure that if your florist asks you about when to drop off that you make sure it's during the time I'll be there fore detail photos. Also ask your florist if they can give any extra "sprigs" for those detail shots.

> send me the name of your wedding planner/coordinator if you have one so that I'm aware

> check your contract for payment due dates

> reach out to me to schedule your meeting for the wedding timeline! we will be doing this via ZOOM or over the phone. 

> if you have questions, PLEASE email me, I'd LOVE to talk with you on the phone but with out how busy my schedule is it's easier to email first and schedule a time to talk if we need to talk through anything over the phone! Same with texting, I'm not great with texting but I'll always email you back! <3


> reaching out to vendors to start talking about timelines questionnaire requests

> consult with your venue to make sure that if there have been changes that you are made aware

> make sure all your vendors are booked ( Don't wait on hair/makeup)

> For the "getting ready part" if you have me included in that time, keep all your details together in a box/bag. Both partners need one so I can get those cute little detail shots. Also, if your florist has extra "sprigs" have them deliver them to you before I arrive so I can use in your detail photos. DON'T FORGET A WOODEN HANGER!


Email ALL your vendors together, include everyone in a mass email CCing everyone requesting details/information that each vendor has to be included in the email's to each other. Meaning if anyone has a timeline/itinerary for the day of see if they can just attach to a mass email so everyone you are hiring knows what everyone else is doing. :)

it's almost here!

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