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Baltimore Maternity Newborn Photographer
What to Wear:
I have outfits that your baby can wear as well as head pieces. You can certainly bring your own outfit or use the ones I have in studio! My style is very neutral and minimalist so please keep that in mind when determining outfits. As far as for parents and siblings, please wear neutral clothing (not necessarily all white) like grays, whites, browns, etc.

How to Prepare:
Please bring enough diapers and snacks! I can't tell you how many parents regret not bringing snacks! Lol! Bring anything that you need that will help to your little one during the session.
Breast-feeding mommas:::  If you need to bring your pump or any other feeding supplies please do so! I have 5 kids and know the struggle, so whatever I can do to help make this a comfortable experience let me know!

IF you are doing a cake smash session, you are responsible for bringing the cake, cake stand, any cake decorations, etc. Those will not be provided. I recommend also bringing a snack that you KNOW your little one loves in case they don't like the cake. Also, another recommendation, don't spend $100s on a cake that your little one might not even eat! Wegmans has adorable simple cakes as well as most grocery stores unless you have your own dietary restrictions I'd recommend keeping it all simple!

What to Expect:
My family home studio is located in Freeland Maryland. You'll see a white rancher and my studio is on the far left once you arrive you'll come around back on the left side of the building. The address is 2710 Beckleysville Road Manchester MD 21102 (address is Manchester but the location is more Freeland than Manchester). Once you come in, we'll chat for a minute and then get outfits for your little one ready! I'm VERY minimalist, I use only a white backdrop for 75% of my sessions and the other quarter of the time is spent with the green plant wall that I have in my studio or soft cream sofa setup.


You'll receive your photos within 10-14 days and once you receive them the email describes how to download the images and favorite them if you are including an album. You also have the opportunity to add on a photo album to your package at anytime PRIOR to your session conclusion.


baby milestones
what to expect

Before Your Milestone Session
Will you need to use the client closet for:


Payment + discounts

Check your contract to see what you owe. The retainer you paid initially is going to be subtracted from the total price, so that's the balance. Below is the link to pay your balance prior to the session. This link is only for in studio newborn sessions. If you'd like to pay cash, you can do so on the day of to receive a $50 discount. 

Best Baltimore Family Photographer -2-2.jpg

All about

the Bungalow Studio

Best Baltimore Family Photographer -1-2.jpg
Best Baltimore Family Photographer -3.jpg
Best Baltimore Family Photographer -1.jpg
Best Baltimore Family Photographer -8.jpg

My family studio which I endearingly call the Bungalow Space is literally my garage that was converted into a studio space. It is located at my house but not IN my house, it has a separate entrance as well as it's own bathroom. 

Best Baltimore Family Photographer -2.jpg
Best Baltimore Family Photographer -4.jpg
You'll pull into the driveway and park in one of the small spots on the left or stay in the driveway. If weather is good and I have another client blocking the driveway you can also park in the grass to the left of the driveway.
Google Maps View
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Best Baltimore Family Photographer -7.jpg
Google Maps View
Here is the space circled, and you'll go around back to enter through a separate sliding glass door.
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