What to Wear:
I have outfits that your baby can wear as well as head pieces. You can certainly bring your own outfit or use the ones I have in studio! My style is very neutral and minimalist so please keep that in mind when determining outfits. As far as for parents and siblings, please wear neutral clothing (not necessarily all white) like grays, whites, browns, etc.

How to Prepare:
Please feed baby 30 minutes prior to the session so that they are nice and sleepy during the session and not as fussy! Bring anything that you need that will help to sooth baby during the session. If you need to bring your pump or any other feeding supplies please do so! I have 5 kids and know the struggle, so whatever I can do to help make this a comfortable experience let me know!

What to Expect:
My studio is located in building #2 on the 3rd floor, its the building closest to the gas station. Sorry about the stairs! Once you come in, we'll chat for a minute and then get outfits for baby ready! If you have specific shots you'd like please let me know, but for the most part I'll do all the posing. We may not need the full one hour of the session but much of the time is to get baby calm and happy. We'll do photos of the family, with each parent (siblings if there are any), and then solo with baby. I usually use my bed for the baby photos and the wicker bassinet that I have for individual photos.


You'll receive your photos within 7 days and once you receive them the email describes how to download the images and favorite them if you are including an album. You also have the opportunity to add on a photo album to your package at anytime.


what to expect

Payment + discounts

Check your contract to see what you owe. The retainer you paid initially is going to be subtracted from the total price, so that's the balance. You can pay cash day of and you'll receive a $50 discount off of the total. If you'd prefer to pay credit card I will send you an invoice (there is no discount for credit card). I do not accept checks, sorry!