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Boudoir is a killer awesome opportunity to take some "me time" away from work, the kids, or your wedding planning to get back to you.

It's difficult in the "everyday real world" getting through the day and feeling beautiful. I love these sessions because they mean more than just capturing gorgeous images to give to your husband, fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend, or whoever you want - - -  they are about giving back YOU to yourself.

It doesn't matter what size you are, you can have a boudoir shoot and feel as glamorous and gorgeous as you imagined you would.

I personally had one done for my husband, and I was incredibly uncomfortable at first. I was in Aruba for a photographer workshop and it happened to also be my 5 year anniversary that year. A friend of mine at the workshop offered to photograph me for them; I was like, what, me... I'm 210 lbs. and I have twins and another baby... this isn't going to be good... but it turns out, I felt so good after them. I didn't feel like I looked like a mom, or photographer, or personal driver to my kids... hahaha... I felt gorgeous... and it felt good!!

I have a masters degree in School Counseling from Loyola University and am very person centered. I believe in uplifting and creating a comfortable atmosphere for all clients so that you feel like your most authentic, real, honest self and so it's captured in the photos!! My goal is for clients to come into the studio and feel like they're hanging out at a friends house. I never make you pose in any weird movements or anything, you pose how you want and how comfortable you feel with it; but I WILL pose you in the most flattering way possible!
If you have suggestions, let me know! This is your session!!!

I'd love to talk with you further!
especially if you read this long essay that I just wrote hahaha!!!
Best Maryland Boudoir Photographer



Baltimore Boudoir

Maryland Boudoir Photographer


When I shop online for something, if I don't see pricing I ultimately move on to someone else who does have pricing visible. Being an authentic business doesn't just mean being yourself and relating with your clients,
it also includes being upfront with your pricing.

Let's face it, life is expensive AF now-a-days and I know I've had many of my clients tell me how they get sticker shock when they've fallen in love with a photographer but then can't swing the shoot with their budget, so I'd rather not waste anyone's time, sorry I'm blunt, and share my pricing upfront.

I offer FOUR collections with some optional add-ons so that I can attempt to accommodate all budgets.

I try REALLY hard to be inclusive with budgeting for these shoots because while boudoir is a luxury, it's something I really believe everyone should be able to experience because it is more than just sexy photos, it's seeing yourself from someone else's perspective, letting go of the day-to-day persona you put on for everyone else and once you get those photos you seehow fucking gorgeous you have always been!!! 

With that being said, all my pricing and options are below!

Nothing is hidden,
if you think there is a catch, you're wrong, lol,
so what you see is what you get!

If you need reassurance,
just check out my reviews on google or email me!

Best Baltimore Boudoir Photographer
Best Baltimore Boudoir Photographer
Best Baltimore Boudoir Photographer

Privacy & Confidentiality

All images that are shared online were given permission from the clients that allowed me to share their images or model releases. There is NO expectation to allow me to share your images, if you're cool with a few being share, sweet, but these are YOUR images and I'm 100% all about keeping them private for you so for the 1,000th time, these are PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL!!  

The Studio

Boudoir Studio Cockeysville
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Studio
Boudoir Studio Cockeysville
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Studio
My studio is located just north of Baltimore in Baltimore County Maryland, right off of the 83 Padonia Rd. exit
12 Galloway Avenue, Suite 3D, Cockeysville MD 21030
It's a third floor private open floor space that has been curated specifically with setups that are moveable and offer a TON of variety for your session! I even have a wet set shower setup that clients can add on to the end of their session. 
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Studio
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Studio
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Studio

Hair + Makeup

I offer four main boudoir collections (below) and two of them offer makeup and two of them do not.
The main reason I offer collection without makeup/hair has to do with affordability.

1. time being added to the session to do makeup and style hair, which means that during that time I block off and don't book anyone else during the time you are having those applications done.

2. cost of the hair/makeup artist ranges in pricing

3. the actual time it takes me to schedule a makeup artist for your session as well as the time for admin work to book/complete paperwork they require for the booking

If you're interested in the first or second collection to save that cost but still would like makeup, I always love to give out recommendations! So please reach out and I'll send those lovely ladies to you!

The Wet Set
All of my collections include this steamy faux shower setup for you to use at your session!!! You can choose to do a wet t-shirt vibe, lingerie, or go topless. 
In order to reserve the wet set you must do so at least 48 hours prior to your session.