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Baltimore Boudoir

Boudoir is a killer awesome opportunity to take some "me time" away from work, the kids, or your wedding planning to get back to you.

It's difficult in the "everyday real world" getting through the day and feeling beautiful. I love these sessions because they mean more than just capturing gorgeous images to give to your husband, fiancé, boyfriend/girlfriend, or whoever you want - - -  they are about giving back YOU to yourself.

It doesn't matter what size you are, you can have a boudoir shoot and feel as glamorous and gorgeous as you imagined you would.

I personally had one done for my husband, and I was incredibly uncomfortable at first. I was in Aruba for a photographer workshop and it happened to also be my 5 year anniversary that year. A friend of mine at the workshop offered to photograph me for them; I was like, what, me... I'm 210 lbs. and I have twins and another baby... this isn't going to be good... but it turns out, I felt so good after them. I didn't feel like I looked like a mom, or photographer, or personal driver to my kids... hahaha... I felt gorgeous... and it felt good!!

I have a masters degree in School Counseling from Loyola University and am very person centered. I believe in uplifting and creating a comfortable atmosphere for all clients so that you feel like your most authentic, real, honest self and so it's captured in the photos!! My goal is for clients to come into the studio and feel like they're hanging out at a friends house. I never make you pose in any weird movements or anything, you pose how you want and how comfortable you feel with it; but I WILL pose you in the most flattering way possible!
If you have suggestions, let me know! This is your session!!!

I'd love to talk with you further!
especially if you read this long essay that I just wrote hahaha!!!
Best Maryland Boudoir Photographer



Maryland Boudoir Photographer


When I shop online for something, if I don't see pricing I ultimately move on to someone else who does have pricing visible. Being an authentic business doesn't just mean being yourself and relating with your clients,
it also includes being upfront with your pricing.

Let's face it, life is expensive AF now-a-days and I know I've had many of my clients tell me how they get sticker shock when they've fallen in love with a photographer but then can't swing the shoot with their budget, so I'd rather not waste anyone's time, sorry I'm blunt, and share my pricing upfront.

I offer FOUR collections with some optional add-ons so that I can attempt to accommodate all budgets.

I try REALLY hard to be inclusive with budgeting for these shoots because while boudoir is a luxury, it's something I really believe everyone should be able to experience because it is more than just sexy photos, it's seeing yourself from someone else's perspective, letting go of the day-to-day persona you put on for everyone else and once you get those photos you seehow fucking gorgeous you have always been!!! 

With that being said, all my pricing and options are below!

Nothing is hidden,
if you think there is a catch, you're wrong, lol,
so what you see is what you get!

If you need reassurance,
just check out my reviews on google or email me!


Privacy & Confidentiality

All images that are shared online were given permission from the clients that allowed me to share their images or model releases. There is NO expectation to allow me to share your images, if you're cool with a few being share, sweet, but these are YOUR images and I'm 100% all about keeping them private for you so for the 1,000th time, these are PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL!!  

The Studio

Boudoir Studio Cockeysville
My studio is located just north of Baltimore in Baltimore County Maryland, right off of the 83 Padonia Rd. exit
12 Galloway Avenue, Suite 3D, Cockeysville MD 21030
It's a third floor private open floor space that has been curated specifically with setups that are moveable and offer a TON of variety for your session! I even have a wet set shower setup that clients can add on to the end of their session. 
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Studio
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Studio
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Studio

Hair + Makeup

Why Hair & Makeup is Amazing
01. Helps highlight all your gorgeous facial features.
02. My makeup artists are all professional, licensed, & insured
03. You deserve PROFESSIONAL makeup to boost that confidence and just feel good!

The Wet Set
All of my collections include this steamy faux shower setup for you to use at your session!!! You can choose to do a wet t-shirt vibe, lingerie, or go topless. 

Pricing & Collections

Whatever is listed in your package is what is included. You'll receive all your images to view in an online gallery.

Collections 1 & 2  include your choice of 30 images for download with a print release (meaning the images you download will be high resolution and un-watermarked and yours to print or use for whatever personal use you'd like). ​If you want to buy the full gallery it's an additional $99 to download all your high resolution images and they all would include a print release.

Collections 3 & 4 include all your edited images with a personal use print release.

Hope this makes sense, if not email me and I can figure out how to word it better!!! 
Full galleries can range from 100 -- 200+ images.
*the digitals only collection*


60 Minutes of Session Time

Choice of 30 High Resolution Edited Final Images


Images selected will include a personal use print release

& be delivered electronically in an online gallery


Includes All Available Sets

*including the wet set*

Up to 3 Outfit Changes

Confidential One Year Online Gallery with ability

to download chosen images

7 Day Turnaround of Edited Images




90 Minutes of Session Time

Choice of 30 High Resolution Edited Final Images


Images selected will include a personal use print release 

& be delivered electronically in an online gallery


Includes All Available Sets

*including the wet set*

Unlimited Outfit Changes + Client Closet

Confidential One Year Online Gallery with ability

to download chosen images

5X5 Ten Page Black Leather Album with

up to 20 Images of Your Choice and free shipping

7 Day Turnaround of Edited Images


*the makeup collection*


90 Minutes of Session Time

Includes All Available Sets

*including the wet set*

Professional Makeup

*makeup takes about an additional 90 minutes of time,

the session time is separate from the makeup/prep time *

Full Gallery of High Resolution Edited Final Images (100+ final images)


Images will include a personal use print release

& be delivered electronically in an online gallery

Unlimited Outfit Changes + Client Closet

Confidential One Year Online Gallery with ability

to download chosen images

8X8 Ten Page Black Leather Album with

up to 20 Images of Your Choice (free shipping)

7 Day Turnaround of Edited Images


*the all inclusive collection*


2 Hours of Session Time

Includes All Available Sets

*including the wet set*

Professional Hair & Makeup

*makeup/hair takes about an additional 2 Hours of time,

the session time is separate from the makeup/hair styling time *

Full Gallery of High Resolution Edited Final Images (100+ final images)


Images will include a personal use print release

& be delivered electronically in an online gallery

Unlimited Outfit Changes + Client Closet

Confidential One Year Online Gallery with ability

to download chosen images

10X10 Twenty Page Black Leather Album with

up to 45 Images of Your Choice (free shipping)

7 Day Turnaround of Edited Images



The Retainer

All collections require a retainer to book your session, which ranges from
$200 for collection one & two
$600 for collection three & four

This retainer is non-refundable but applied towards the total of the session. 


You can easily book your session here on my studio booking site! If you don't see what you'd like for the schedule I do have a waitlist for certain months as I get pretty busy and book out sometimes 4-6 months in advance. 

Client Closet

You'll be able to choose up to 3 outfits from client closet for session and also take home. You'll first provide your size, a few photos to share of your body type and I'll ensure I have at least 3 outfits that fit the look of my studio and your specific body type. You will be able to keep your outfits from the session (excluding robes / shoes).
PS: Did I mention you get to keep all your outfits from the session?!
Additional Options

Full Gallery of Images for Download

*ranges from 100 to 200 final edited images with print release*
This means you'll have all the high resolution images from your session with a personal use print release that you can print them anywhere you'd like. there is no catch, if you think there is just scroll to my video below explaining the pricing


Boudoir Album UpgradeS
Coming Soon!

Baltimore Boudoir Photographer
LRPA0014 2.JPG

Outfits & Client Closet

Collections two, three, & four include the complimentary client closet! You'll be able to pick three outfits from the closet to wear during your session and you'll take them home afterwards!
I offer sizes XS - 4XL!

If you don't know what to wear, don't worry because most of my clients are not sure either! 
The best way to tell you what outfits you should wear has to do with a few questions!!

01. Think about your level of comfort with lingerie and outfits.
If you're really uncomfortable with lingerie, or uncomfortable with showing too much skin, you do NOT have to. If you're uncomfortable at your boudoir session because of the outfit you chose, it's going to show in your photos. Obviously it's important in the session to allow yourself to be a little vulnerable and somewhat of your comfort zone -- but by no means are you obligated to make yourself so uncomfortable in the outfits you THINK you have to have. There are plenty of cute outfits that aren't as revealing as others that are also sexy as hell if that's what you're going for -- but also it has to do with your body type and choosing the right outfits for your body type. It DOES NOT matter how big or small you are, if your outfit doesn't flatter your figure or if it's to tight, or you're just super uncomfortable wearing it, it's not a good outfit. 

02. Who is this session for? Hint: YOU!
Try not to forget that even though you might be giving the products from this session to a significant other, this session is ALWAYS going to be for you and about you. If you're going into this session with the SOLE reason to give a gift to someone and you REALLY don't want to have this experience, then it's probably not for you. These sessions are really empowering and all about showing you how absolutely gorgeous and powerful you really are IN THE SKIN YOU ARE IN. Trying to lose weight for a session or feeling like you're not in the right place, but you want this gift anyway for your signifiant other is a really bad sign that you won't be comfortable at the session; so the first thing you need BEFORE looking for outfits is owning and LOVING yourself, or at least ATTEMPTING to love yourself prior to the session and ALLOWING yourself to be beautiful in the skin you're in. Finding outfits that flatter you is one of the MOST important ways to make sure that you get the most out of your session! I'll talk more about specific outfit suggestions for body types below, but you need to think about ALL of this prior to your session!!!

03. Do you like accessories?
I hate high heels, there I said it... I know they look AMAZING in photos but if I were to wear high heels in my own boudoir images it would look SO wrong because I NEVER wear them and would just feel like I'm going for the photo op and not for me. But!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE thigh high boots and I'd TOTALLY wear them, I LOVE waist high fishnets, and I would ABSOLUTELY accessorize with those!!! If you LOVE your shoes, your jewelry, your accessories PLEASE BRING THEM!! You want this session to be all about your authentic self and getting into that means embracing all of the things you love, and if you love accessories please bring them!!!

Outfits + Accessories
for all body types


Baltimore Boudoir Photographer
Baltimore Maryland Boudoir

Don't be intimidated, I know what you're thinking... you're nervous because you may not be comfortable in your skin? 


BUT you want to do something fun for YOU!!!


Just so you know, almost all of my clients walk in the front door and tell me right off the bat, "I'm so nervous" because let's be honest, it's not typical to go to a strangers studio space and take photos in cute lingerie.

I have a background in counseling and my goal isn't just to capture your outer gorgeousness, but also to make you feel comfortable with who you are. So if you have any personal requests for music or whatever I can try to do let me know and I'll do it! :)

the goal is to not "make you" feel comfortable but for you to "be" comfortable. i'll ask you at your session what your comfortable with and what your insecurities are so that I can pose you accordingly.

Baltimore Maryland Boudoir

Tell me more...

01. You'll first drive or walk or somehow transport yourself to my studio which is located at 12 Galloway Avenue, Suite 3D, Cockeysville Maryland 21030. I'm in the SECOND building on the third floor (see here for diagram of exactly where).  My name is on the door so you won't miss it! 

02. Once you come in I'll be like heyyyyyy!!! then we'll talk about you, why you're here, and I'll probably tell you useless things about myself and my day hahahaha.

03. You'll start by laying out all the outfits that you brought (unless you booked the Client Closet option) to wear and we'll talk about them. Talk about why you chose them, which is your fav. and most importantly we will talk about you!
I want to hear about things you LOVE about yourself and things you are insecure about. That way I can better accommodate you for the session. Also, I
have a boudoir "cheat sheet" I have you fill out before so I can help you better!

04. Obviously by now you can see how formal I am, hahaha. I REALLY REALLY try to be as "myself" as possible so that I can help all my clients feel comfortable. 
I DO NOT expect that you will pose yourself. In fact you will NOT pose yourself, I will!! If you want to, then SWEET! But, if not, I can move you into flattering positions for your body type and for the shot, I can tell you that you might think a certain pose looks good when it doesn't and you might not like the pose I put you in until you see the back of my camera. For real though, I don't expect you are going to do cartwheels or crazy cirque du solei moves so just be prepped for fun and I'll help with the movement/poses!

05. Before you go we talk about the next steps, which are getting your private/confidential online boudoir gallery, downloading your images, and favoriting your images for the book. Payment isn't collected after the session, you will pay the final balance once the photos are finished and before you receive them. We'll talk, hug, and you'll tell me "how amazing you feel" and "wow that was so much better than I thought it would be!" Legit tho, EVERYONE says that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my images be shared online?


Nope. Never. I will share your images with you via a password protected online private gallery (that's how you will chose the images for your boudoir book). The images you see online and in my portfolio are strictly from individuals who modeled for me for the purpose of sharing online. I did boudoir for my husband and if my photographer ever shared them I would be MORTIFIED. So confidentiality is important to me!

Do I receive ALL the images from my session or do I have to purchase them extra?

You will be able to view all the edited images from your session in a private online gallery.  The collection you choose will have an amount of images that you are able to select and download that are included with your collection. So for example, if it says you receive 30 final edited high resolution images, you will select those images in your online gallery and receive the high resolution images to download for personal use, UNWATERMARKED. You'll have the option after the session to pay an additional $99 for the full gallery if you'd like more than those 30 images. Also, personal use just means you can't sell them or use them for commercial use online, so you can totally print them wherever you want once you download them!

What should I wear?

Did you even read through the information on this website page? LOL for real though all of that information is located up top. If you want more specific recommendations on outfit choices, check my IG saved stories. 

I'm nervous, is that normal?

YES! Everyone, I mean EVERYONE comes in nervous. But I do about 4-5 boudoir sessions a week and EVERYONE (for the past 5+ years) has left the studio feeling comfortable and confident with themselves. I really strive to make my clients feel at ease. My studio feels more like a house and I want everyone to be themselves with me. I will pose you throughout the session so you don't have to feel obligated to pose or move yourself in an unfamiliar way.

I'm interested in the client closet but I'm plus sized, do you have outfits for me?


Uhm, fuck yes, and actually I'm a plus size lady myself and LOVE having tons of outfits that are just as sexy and highlight all those beautiful curves! Because honestly, the outfit DOES matter, wearing outfits that accentuate your body are a necessity in boudoir photography, so having a client closet to choose from outfits that do just that is SO important!!!!!

Do I have to give you a shot list or pose myself?


No, actually I'd prefer that you let me pose you unless you're familiar with modeling. For example, even when I have someone take my own photos I always defer to WHATEVER pose they think looks the most flattering because they are at a different angle, with different lighting than what I'm seeing from my perspective -- which is key because the photographer perspective is what is being captured and that's what you want to follow!! 

​Can I bring a

friend to the session?


Fuck yes!!! I encourage all my clients to bring a friend for moral support. You certainly don't have to, but if you did they are amazing for that extra support.

When should I book my session to receive everything before my wedding?

Lots of my clients are doing these sessions as wedding gifts for their partner, so I recommend booking your session (if you are using it for a wedding gift on your wedding day) at least 2 months before your session. Within about 10 days of your session you will receive the online gallery with all of your edited images and then you will be able to download the selected edited images from your collection. From there, you need to select the images you want included in your photo book with your package. To make sure you receive your book in a timely manner I request all clients submit their favorites from their gallery for their books within 2 weeks of their session.

Do you offer payment plans?


Yuppers!! I accept Afterpay as well as making custom payment plans that work for you! These payment plans must be paid in full prior to receiving your images, which is why I always think the Afterpay is a better option because you'll receive your images if you pay with that while you're also paying for your session over a longer time period.

How to Book

01. Check out my availability HERE. Keep in mind I have limited weekend availability!

02. Once you find a date you'd like to book, you simply submit and pay the retainer fee to book your preferred date. I will then get an emailing either approving or denying your request to book. If for some reason the date is not available and your request is denied to book, your credit card will NOT be charged. It is only charged for the retainer if I accept the booking.

03.  When the booking is accepted, you'll also receive a contract which must also be signed within 48 hours of your accepted booking. 

04. After this you'll receive a follow up email with a questionnaire that I need filled out at least 2 weeks prior to your session. If you have any questions about it please feel free to reach out and ask me!!

05. The week before your session I'll send out a follow up emailing reminding you of your session and other details! Then I'll see you on the day of your session READY to go!!

Book Here Boudoir