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I love being a wedding photographer and best of al I get to photograph some of the kindest most amazing people ever in gorgeous places! Also, I specialize in candid, photojournalistic story telling so I can capture their big day just as it happened so they can put the cell phone down and enjoy their wedding day.


Portraits and lifestyle are my first loves in the photography field! I love meeting new people and capturing their stories through the lens of a camera so they can share for generations! I also love mentoring and working with other photographers to help them with their business and I'm always community over competition!
Oh Heyyyyy!!!

Baltimore wedding, portrait, + boudoir photographer


Sayan + Kristina // Mt. Washington Dye House

Washington Dye House Wedding; Lisa Robin

Although Kristina and met through a mutual friend of theirs in their early 20s, they actually grew up down the street from one another!!! How crazy and amazing is it that even though it took years for them to get together, they actually lived so close throughout their lives and even went to the same elementary school!!

Sayan proposed on the waterfront promenade in downtown Baltimore’s gorgeous Canton area and it couldn’t have been more perfect considering their love for the city. They were on their way to the aquarium when he stopped and popped the question!! He got down on one knee and then the two went out to dinner where Sayan made reservations at the Charleston so they could celebrate together!!

They got married at the gorgeous Mt. Washington Mill Dye House and let me tell you, it was beyond perfect. Down to the details like the farmhouse tables and the beer selections, it was amazing. They also had Cannoli's for dessert, which was a double ++ for me because I’m legit obsessed with those and might or might not have had like three or four… lol. One of their favorite parts of their wedding was how excited it was to see all of their family and friends together; which is perfect because spending the first day of the rest of your lives together with family and friends just makes forever that much more amazing.

Sayan “I have a partner who takes care of me and loves me every day”

Kristina “I have someone I look forward to seeing every day and who I can rely on for love and support.”

They wanted their wedding to be personal to them and choose to make all the decisions together to keep it their style. They incorporated Sayan’s Hindu culture within their wedding day by holding TWO ceremonies, the “American” wedding and the traditional Hindu wedding. Kristina even got to wear two dresses and have two ceremonies with everyone they love and it was freaking amazing. It was so lit the place almost burned down, literally, hahaha. I can’t even express how amazing it was to spend the day with both of these amazing people and I am so happy for them both! Not to mention the photos all turned out INSANELY perfect because of how genuine these guys are and the positive upbeat attitude of their entire wedding was so refreshing!! GAhhhhHHh you guys are the bestest!!! <3