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I love being a wedding photographer and best of al I get to photograph some of the kindest most amazing people ever in gorgeous places! Also, I specialize in candid, photojournalistic story telling so I can capture their big day just as it happened so they can put the cell phone down and enjoy their wedding day.


Portraits and lifestyle are my first loves in the photography field! I love meeting new people and capturing their stories through the lens of a camera so they can share for generations! I also love mentoring and working with other photographers to help them with their business and I'm always community over competition!
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Boudoir Nerves | What to Expect with a Boudoir Session

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

"Why am I reading this, I thought about a boudoir session but that's SO NOT ME..." Literally, 80% of the clients I work with say this exact thing!

Lots of ladies are interested in a boudoir session for either themselves, a gift for someone else, or just to boost confidence; but they are worried because they have preconceived notions that they HAVE to be a certain way to book a boudoir session. Not true, at least with my boudoir sessions that I do. Most ladies who come through the door, first thing they say to me is "I'm so nervous", lol, and typically I'll laugh and say "why????" because I want to hear what you are worried about. We'll talk for a minute or two about why you are coming in for a session, what your outfit choices are, and who you are individually. Here are a few bullet points for what to expect from your boudoir session from me and what I need from you before and during the session to make the best of your experience and your photos!

1. Comfortable + Confident

I want all of my clients to feel comfortable and confident, the only way that is going to happen is if you are 100% real with me. Don't come in the door and try to act like someone you are not, because I don't, ever. I want you to come in, say hi, and have a seat and we will talk about you, your personality, why you are here, what outfits you brought, and of course we will still talk about your insecurities. My studio is actually like a living room/bedroom combination so it feels very comfortable for my clients to come in and do these types of sessions. There is NO expectation to wear skimpy outfits if you don't want to, there is NO expectation to act/look a certain "sexy" way, there is NO expectation other than to be yourself and I'll guide you into fun poses that work for your body type and personality. I've had ladies come to the studio wanting to pose in sweaters and they ROCKED it, like seriously, and I've had ladies who want to do topless who were super uncomfortable to start with and we captured some really tasteful gorgeous images! So, what I need from you... honesty, openness, and bring your confidence with you. You may not feel confident to start, but I want your goal to end feeling on top of the world about yourself and what you booked!

2. Expectations