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ADDRESS: 12 Galloway Avenue. Suite 3D Cockeysville MD 21030

"The absolute best Photographer and an even better human being :)

First of all let me start by saying that Lisa is truly one of a kind, not only is she an amazing photographer, she also has the best attitude... She makes photo shoots go by fast and feel fun and extremely comfortable. She told us prior to the wedding “enjoy it, and take your time because honestly it’s going to go by so fast”, and she was so so right; my wife and I didn’t even have a chance to taste any of our food. But Lisa throughout the night kept asking “you guys need anything, a drink?” Even though we told her “don’t worry it’s ok Lisa” she went back and fourth to the bar throughout the night for us. I guess to most that may seem like nothing but on wedding day with so many guests and activities, you simply don’t have the time to run to the bar and get a drink for yourself... thanks Lisa, we really do appreciate everything you did for us. To anyone on the fence, trust me you will never regret hiring Lisa, she simply the very best!  -- Oscar & Eva Ayala  08.04.19"

young woman posing for a photo is a baltimore wedding photographer


Genuine. Authentic. Moments
No matter how you want to say it, the most important aspect of my life and my business is being 100% authentic all the time. To myself, my clients, and my work.
I want to create gorgeous imagery so my couples and clients can look back on the feelings of their wedding day, moments in time and just reminisce how it really was. My name is Lisa and I'm a Baltimore Maryland based wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographer.


Everyday, there is so much gorgeous going on around us, but because we are so busy we are constantly missing it. Sometimes it's watching a simple sunset and watching it, not taking a picture of it with your phone to prove it happened on Instagram. It's playing with my kids early in the morning when the light is just coming in through the curtains; or cleaning the dishes late at night after a really long day and putting tequila and margarita mix in my blender planning on curling up on my couch with tall socks on to catch up on hella Netflix addictions. Haha, that last one is just my daily routine.

I want to capture real moments for everyone I work with so that they don't just look at a pretty picture; they feel the memory and evoke more than just the beauty but the stillness of time. Sounds super cheezy, but its totally not. I feel like we spend so much time afraid of loosing it,: but, capturing ONE emotional image can bring back so many memories and capture your story as it's lived. I'd rather have one emotional/true image than 100s of "smile here" photos.

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I interviewed one photographer and was sold. She made my husband laugh and relax which mattered so much since he is camera shy. We have no idea how to pose! Lisa gave great direction and made us look like models and made us feel confident in front of the camera. Our engagement photo session was at the crack of dawn. She drove all the way from Hereford to Downtown Annapolis and we had beautiful sunrise photos. Lisa was one of my favorite wedding vendors. When you pick a photographer, pick someone you want to be around all day. Lisa was just that. She made everyone laugh. At the end of our wedding day, we had over 1,000 photos to choose from. I loved all of them. They told the best story from beginning to end. Another great part is her wedding package comes with tangibles like photo albums, USBs, and portraits!!! Which matters to someone like me who can be a bit old school. :)

Raquelle + Steve

September 27 2019 | mansion at valley country club

Best Baltimore Wedding and Boudoir Photographer
I believe in being completely honest and transparent. I won't ask that you "email me for pricing"; I want you to love my work and be able to keep within your budget

Maternity + Newborn + BABY Photography

With the same passion and creativity that you see in my wedding and engagement photography I also do newborn and baby photography as well! I truly believe that it is important to incorporate the parents into the newborn session as well because its your moment to remember too. The first time being a mom or dad or whether you are having your second or third capturing those moments is so special! 

Maternity, Newborn + Family Photography

Do yourself and your family a favor and be IN the photos, you know who I'm talking too! Photos are important and let's be real, taking photos ONLY during the holiday season shouldn't be the only time you preserve your memories!! My specialty are in home, candid, lifestyle photos but I LOOOVE on location shoots!!!
Baltimore Newborn Photographer
Baltimore LGBTQ Family Photographer
Baltimore Baby Photography
I love babies. I actually have five of my own (two sets of twins and a little singleton man who is my twin)
Newborn Sessions are either done lifestyle at your home or in my studio located in Hunt Valley Maryland. I please ask that parents keep your outfits as neutral as possible to focus more on the baby and your family than the objects in the photo. If you're looking for minimalist, candid, emotional captures then check out more of my work below and pricing is all below too!
Baltimore Baby Photography
Baltimore Baby Photography
Baltimore Family Photography

Boudoir Photography

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