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the final countdown

to your wedding!
Guys!! I'm SO freaking STOKED to shoot your wedding coming up!!
Let me tell you it comes up SOO fast in these last months and I need some VERY important details so I can know when & where to be on your wedding day to make it the best experience EVER! 

Step One:
Review Your Contract for Due Dates for Invoices
*please review your contract for due dates*

Step Two:
Fill Out the Form on the bottom of this page!

Step Three:
Reach Out! Let's schedule a final phone call to go over everything AFTER you submit the form below!

Step Four:
Confirm all the details ONE MONTH prior to your wedding

Step Five:
Let's make this the Best Day Ever

Email ALL your vendors together, include everyone in a mass email CCing everyone requesting details/information that each vendor has to be included in the email's to each other. Meaning if anyone has a timeline/itinerary for the day of see if they can just attach to a mass email so everyone you are hiring knows what everyone else is doing. :)

Wedding Day Itinerary

Hey! I need some details about your wedding day! Please fill out this form no later than 6 weeks prior to your wedding day!


Do you have a wedding planner?

Wedding Times

02:30 PM
02:30 PM

Wedding Locations

Formal Portrait Details

When will formal portraits (couple, wedding party, family) take place?

Wedding Day Outline of Events

Other Details

Thanks for submitting!

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