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newborn session

Baltimore Maternity Newborn Photographer
What to Wear:
With in home newborn sessions I request that families provide their own outfits as well as keep everything as neutral, light and airy as possible in terms of colors! The best way to explain how light works is that the lighter the color, the brighter the image, lol, so keeping your color families neutral will make the photos fit more of the style of images you see online! Have a dark/moody house? NO PROBLEM! Run with it! Keep everything tidy and clean and just run with the mood! I use natural light only so keep in mind your images may look a bit different with a more DARK aesthetic. 

How to Prepare:
Please feed baby 30 minutes prior to the session so that they are nice and sleepy during the session and not as fussy! Tidy up at least two rooms in your house, no clutter and shove everything into closets for the session. I know how stressful having kids is so if you're worried I'll judge your house, you're wrong, all you need are TWO rooms that are clean of all clutter and have good natural lighting and we are good to go!!


You'll receive your photos within 10-14 days and once you receive them the email describes how to download the images and favorite them if you are including an album. You also have the opportunity to add on a photo album to your package at anytime.


in home newborn

my favorite neutrals for sessions

Baltimore Maternity Newborn Photographer
Please text or email me within 48 hours of your delivery so we can get your session moved around or adjusted as needed! If you contact me outside of that window we may not be able to adjust your booking date/time!
What is unposed lifestyle newborn photography?
I am a minimalist, unposed, candid capture, baby led newborn photographer. What that means is that I do not pose baby in positions that require them to be sleeping or to be moved around much. The only "pose" I do is the simple baby on back or sometimes on side depending on their temperament. That is it!

I do NOT pose baby... I repeat I am NOT a posed baby photographer. If you are looking for a photographer who can provide that aesthetic my BFF Tasha Sojka Photography is an EXCELLENT newborn photographer who SPECIALIZES in posed newborn!! 
Before Your In Home Newborn Session


Payment + discounts

Check your contract to see what you owe. The retainer you paid initially is going to be subtracted from the total price, so that's the balance. Below is the link to pay your balance prior to the session. This link is only for in studio newborn sessions. If you'd like to pay cash, you can do so on the day of to receive a $50 discount. 

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