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My favorite photos of my kids are when they’re playing and having fun. Their smiling faces, contagious laughter, and pure childhood energy just fills my soul. Which is why I LOVE photographing my OWN children playing so much! I


I’m offering these 30 minute sessions  for families who’d like to document that childhood joy the way it should be captured, at the playground and through PLAY with their family!

Because let’s be real, those smile at the camera family sessions can be SO boring and unfulfilling to look at when you’re reminiscing about the TRUE feelings you want them to remeber during childhood -- and those are when they’re enjoying playing WITH their parents!

These sessions are purely candid in nature, with the option to add a few posed photos with family at the end of the session (like one or two).


The goal is that I’m not “seen” during this time and rather you are playing with your kids at a pre-selected playground and I’ll walk around and document you playing with your children during a 45 minute time period.


Sessions should be booked 2 hours prior to sunset or 1 hour after sunrise, which I know the sunset option in the summertime is difficult for bedtime schedules, but to ensure the best lighting possible for these, that’s the best time.


Families should dress for PLAY and allow their kids to BE KIDS during this time, let them run, jump, act silly, and you should have fun WITH them, don’t just pretend for the photos.


My goal of these sessions is to create emotional photos of your kids doing what they love the most with the people they love the most. Plus, I know how difficult it is to get photos WITH your kids while they’re playing because let’s be honest, when they look back at photos of their childhoods, they are going to want to see YOU playing with them!!


Annie’s Playground | Fallston

Oregon Ridge Park | Hunt Valley

Blandair Regional Park | Columbia

Angel Park | Perry Hall Maryland

Fed Hill Playground | Baltimore Maryland 

*fill in your favorite playground within 50 miles of 21102


unposed family

Up to 30 Minutes of Playtime

Online Digital Gallery

Choice of 30 Final Images

Personal Use Print Release of

Images Chosen



Full Gallery Download

*100-200 final images*


Want to book a playground session with another family? If you book back to back playground sessions with another family you’ll each receive $50 off!

What time of day works best for you?

Thanks for reaching out!

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