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So, I'm all about family, I mean obviously I have 5 kids, two dogs, and spend the bulk of all my time, like 99% of it, with my family. I know how difficult it is to try to wrangle and get the kids and husband and parents and everyone together to try to get a decent photo, not to mention getting SOMEONE, ANYONE to take a photo of MOM! For the love of god, take photos of the mom please!
Anyway, moving on, I love family photography because its my time to help make the parents at ease, let them know that I get it, I know how difficult it is to get everyone together to capture those memories that are SO important and go by SO fast! I try to capture at least two family portraits a year, one in the spring and one in the fall because everyone is ALWAYS changing and I feel like I'm constantly missing it because of how busy my life is. So being able to get all dressed up and head to someplace special as a family to capture those moments is truly amazing. 
And I love all the chaotic mess that is family photography :)


Well, for me it means I want more unposed, candid captures than the "posed" look here photos. Don't get me wrong, I also do those "smile, look here" shots, but I PREFER the more candid shots that elicit more emotional imagery and help you really REMEMBER your feelings during this time in your life. I still do those photos (the smile look here ones) but my PERSONAL PREFERENCE for family photos are AT YOUR HOME with RELAXED CLOTHES, REAL SMILES, and the family all doing an activity that is sentimental to them --- personally I LOVE when families make cookies, or cook dinner together, or all play a game or do a craft because it get everyone TOGETHER and doing a project TOGETHER that you can share! 



Besides newborn/toddler sessions, which can be found here, all portrait sessions are either 30 minutes or full one hour sessions. For families with young children I recommend booking the 30 minute session because kids just can't hang the full hour but could need a little more time than a mini session to get comfortable. If you have 10 or more people or multiple outfits, then the 1 hour session is for you! I always recommend for engagement sessions to book the one hour session so you can have a formal outfit and a casual outfit. I also offer mini sessions which are 15-20 minutes on specific dates/times throughout the year. You can only book a 30 minute session or mini session on specific dates & locations provided. If you'd like a custom location you would have to purchase the 1 hour session. 

30 minute MINI session

These sessions are perfect for large families and families with toddler aged children that might need a little longer to get comfortable with picture taking! All edited photos (min. of 35) are included!

30 Minutes of Session Time
At least 35 edited images
Online shareable gallery of all images with digital download
Up to 8 family members
10 Day Turnaround

Price Varies
*see details for location
dates/times here*

1 hour FULL session

These sessions are perfect for large families and those who want multiple outfit changes! All edited photos (min. of 50) are included!

Up to 1 Hour of Session Time
At least 50 edited images
Online shareable gallery of all images with digital download
Up to 20 family members

10 Day Turnaround
On Location of Choice
up to 50 miles of 21102

Weekday Price: $595+tax
Weekend Price: $725+tax
Baltimore Family Photographer
Baltimore Family Photographer
Best Baltimore Family Photographer

my favorite neutrals


What to wear?!

I'm all about neutral colors but love pops of color as well!! One of my favorite combos is mustard and olive!! Also, consider the location when thinking about what you're going to wear! No bright colors, we want to focus on your family not the shirt!

"time moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once and a while you could miss it"

-ferris bueller

Okay awesome!!
how do I book and what happens next?!

SESSION CHOICE: You'll choose either the 30 minute or 1 hour portrait option for your session. The client is responsible for obtaining all required permits for the session. If you are choosing the location choice you must book the 1 hour session and that includes up to 50 miles of travel from 21102 each way. 

SESSION CHOICE: You'll choose either the 30 minute or 1 hour portrait option for your session. The client is responsible for obtaining all required permits for the session. Location choices and date openings are listed below that are included in the session.

POSING & AT THE SESSION: At your session I'll give you directions and pose you. I never expect that my clients will have to pose themselves. If you have any props or anything else you'd like to bring, you're totally welcome too as long as the location allows it and the items you are bringing are safe for the environment. After your session we'll part ways, I usually say "stay safe" and you head home!

EDITING & GALLERY DELIVERY: Depending on how long editing takes and what your session choice includes you'll receive your images typically within 7-10 days. You'll receive them in an online gallery (here is a sample) and you can easily download the included edited high resolution images directly to your computer. You can even share the gallery with family and friends and they can download single or full galleries at no additional cost. You'll pay the balance of your session either day of or prior to receiving all your final images. 

Weekend Pricing vs. Weekday Pricing
Why is there a price difference for weekend and weekday availability? I have LESS availability on the weekends due to wedding bookings & the fact that there are only 2 weekend dates per week versus 5 week-days. Weekday sessions will receive that discounted price for booking during the weekday rather than a prime weekend spot.
01. No yelling at the kids, just don't. My number one piece of advice is to just accept that kids are kids and not models. Don't expect them to smile the whole time or behave like they do photos all the time. Just be nice and go with it. I'll do the best I can to create a comfortable environment and make silly noises/jokes with the kids to help them laugh. But the second that parents yell at the kids the entire vibe kind of changes. So just try to love on them and let them be kids!

02. Choose a time that is both great for the lighting but that your kiddos can manage. Most kids do best in the morning or afternoon (after nap if they're young). But unfortunately the lighting doesn't always cooperate with their routine! Just try to take all necessary precautions when scheduling and planning for your session to make sure all the kids are happy and not super tired/hungry!

03. Winter time is cold, kids hate the cold, if you want a session outdoors in the winter you need to properly dress your kiddos so they're not crying about how cold it is the entire time. OR -- you can book an in-studio session at my cute boho studio and we can try to get a few outdoor shots at the end of your session! That way kids are comfy + warm for the majority of the photos but we can give it a go outdoors and get a few if the weather is too cold, then it's no big because we got those indoor shots!

04. Dress everyone appropriately. My vibe is 100% casual but I know some families prefer to have more formal clothes for their sessions, just try to make sure that everyone is wearing size appropriate clothing and nothing that is hurting or causing problems with anyone.

05. I don't do props, but you're more than welcome to bring some depending on how big they are and what you want to do with them! I'm environmentally conscious and I don't believe in using confetti cannons outdoors unless they are biodegradable and safe for the environment because they are too difficult and time consuming to clean up at the session. Also! NO BALLOONS outside! It's just too much of a risk for them to get sucked up into the air and gone forever into the ocean, but for real, just imagine losing the balloon during the session with your kid who REALLY wanted that balloon. No balloons. lol

06. Pick a location that is accessible to the entire family that is taking photos. I've had clients who want to go to Kilgore Falls, which is a waterfall that requires a hike to it, and they've had either elderly or young babies with them that aren't appropriately dressed for walking. Safety is the priority, not the photos, so let's not go hiking in heels with a baby in our hands lol.


These are pre-scheduled OPEN portrait dates/times that you can easily book! If you're looking for a different location email me to get you scheduled!! Keep in mind these are ONLY available on these dates/times/locations. If you want something custom you will have to book the 1 hour session.
2024 Portrait Sessions
Booking your On-Location Session

    This category is for those of you interested in booking a maternity, family, engagement, or otherwise unspecified photography session that is not taking place in either one of my studio locations. This page is full of LOTS of information regarding most asked questions regarding on location shoots. 

How long should my session be?

What do you recommend? 

    I get it, you’re not sure where to start or what to do, but it’s 100% okay and we can figure this out together!! First, you’ll have to determine how long you want your session to be. I offer a 30 minute session as well as a one hour long session; both of these offer multiple options for what you’re looking for.


    Maternity: most of my maternity sessions that are outdoors are 30 minute sessions because many of my clients want only one outfit choice. If you’re thinking you want an outfit change, or even if you’re wanting to do something half in studio and half on location at my preferred outdoor location in Parkton Maryland, then the one hour session would be for you. I have a full client closet of maternity dresses for all of my clients to use at NO ADDITIONAL COST. If you’re thinking of using one for your session you would just have to send me your size and choose the gown that you like the best (there is a link on my site to the maternity client closet) and I’ll bring it with me to your session. You will have to change at the location which most likely will be in a local public restroom or your car, so just keep that in mind! But if you’re thinking you really want that open belly/jeans look AND a long elegant gown / boho linen dress look or whatever, the one hour session is really the best option for you!!


    Family: this really depends on your family, lol and not in a bad way! I have a big family with five children and honestly my kids can’t hang for a photoshoot that is longer than 30 minutes, so for that reason I wouldn’t ever be booking a one hour session for my own family. In general, it depends on what you’re looking for and I have plenty of my family clients who want the one hour session because they might have little kids that need extra time to warm up and get acclimated to the environment. So this is really something that is totally up to you! Plus, if you'd like to do your session at your own location you would have to book the 1 hour session.


    Engagement: I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 10 years and I know how to flow pose my clients and get the most out of their session in short amounts of time. If you’re looking for one outfit choice, the 30 minute session is ideal. If you’re thinking you want two outfit changes (something like a formal and a casual outfit) than the 1 hour session is a must! If you’re awkward, that’s totally fine! I’m an awkward person too and can totally vibe with it and make it a fun session regardless of the length of time you book!


I have no idea where my session should take place!?

Where should we go?

    Good question! If you’re not sure where to go I have a selection of locations I love and have shot at that you can take a look at. You have to really think of the vibe you’re trying to achieve during your session and think about how you want to remember this moment in time for you and your family. If you live downtown in the city and love that urban feel, a fells point or federal hill session might be ideal for you! If you’ve got more of that country/outdoors/woodsy vibe going on I would recommend a few different locations that are on the list! below! 

    It’s crazy but I get booked up SUPER quickly and for that reason I recommend considering a weekday session if you’re looking for a location outside of those parameters if you want a sunset time. If a permit is required, it is your responsibility to obtain that permit as well as pay any associated fees with it. Here are a list of my top locations for sessions and a little bit about them!


CROMWELL VALLEY PARK spacious grounds with fields and woods Towson Maryland *permit required*

  1. HAMPTON MANSION Estate, gardens, greenhouse, federal park Towson Maryland

  2. PRETTYBOY RESERVOIR waterfront with pine trees and mountainous feel Parkton Maryland

  3. PARKTON MARYLAND, GUNPOWDER small river, woods, large bridge, private Parkton Maryland

  4. SOLDIERS DELIGHT tall grasses, rolling hills, earthy vibe Owings Mills Maryland

  5. EDEN MILL NATURE CENTER woodsy, stream, boardwalk and tree cover Pylesville Maryland

  6. CYLBURN ARBORETUM  historic mansion with lush gardens and trees Baltimore Maryland *permit required*

  7. SHERWOOD GARDENS lush gardens, perfect for spring Baltimore Maryland *permit required*

  8. DOWNTOWN FELLS POINT urban feel, waterfront with cobblestones Baltimore Maryland

  9. FEDERAL HILL urban feel, alleyways, overlooking the city Baltimore Maryland

  10. RAWLINGS CONSERVATORY indoor greenhouse with lush foliage and jungle Baltimore Maryland *requires fee*

  11. PATTERSON PARK park, tall trees, pagoda, hills overlooking city Baltimore City

What should we wear?

I have no idea how to dress my kids or partner!?


No Logos: Firstly, the most important aspect of picking outfits for these sessions is keeping everything WITHOUT a logo on it. I can’t tell you how many times I have (almost always the Dads) wearing shirts with Under Armor logos on them, or Nike, or whatever and it just doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the look you’re wanting from me. So in terms of outfits, NO LOGOS! Please! Lol 


Neutrals, neutrals, NEUTRALS: I do love me a hot pink pair of sweat pants and funky socks, but I’m all about those neutral colors to highlight the family/couple/individual rather than the outfit and all the “things”. I love focusing on the backdrop as well and using it to create more emotive imagery (making the photos feel more emotional) and in order to create more natural looking images you really need to keep the outfits to the same color family as well. 


Color Family: I’m 100% not a fan of everyone wearing the same color… if I’m not blunt with my answers to these then I’ll regret not being authentic later lol which is why I’m saying this … the all white look is 90s and while I am a 90s gal, I am not a fan of that look. If you’re thinking of colors just google or look up “color family” for the main color you’re interested in. If you really like sage green, have one person wearing that, another with an off white, a beige, maybe a khaki … so the main goal is to have a few people in the family wearing the ‘highlight’ color and the rest wearing more neutrals to keep everything cohesive. Hope this makes sense, but if not just reach out to me at anytime with the outfits you’re thinking of and I can totally let you know my opinions!!


Time of the Year / Dress Appropriately…: If we’re going to be shooting in the summertime but you REALLY love that sweater dress and boots, and it happens to be 90 degrees out… maybe think of a different outfit. On the other side of it, if its the fall/early winter, don’t dress your little ones in shorts and a t-shirt if it’s under 50 degrees because they’ll be absolutely miserable!! This is honestly one of the reasons I LOVE summer sessions because kids love shorts and t-shirts and in general they love warm weather and the biggest complaint I get from families I photograph in the winter/fall is that their kids are cold and as a result will not smile for photos!! 


Read the Room: this is for the ladies specifically… if we’re shooting at a remote location or a field, please do not wear high heels (like stilettos) because you’ll just end up complaining about how your feet are stuck in the ground and it’s miserable. Just get a cute pair of Rothy’s or whatever flatter, more FUNCTIONAL shoes you can find and we can make it work!!

How do I book? Why are there like no weekend dates?


How to Book: Once you’ve had a chance to figure out what kind of session you want, the length of the session you want, and then ultimately the location we can then figure out the best date/time that we can make it work together based on my schedule and yours. From there, once we discuss a date, your session won’t be officially booked without a signed contract and retainer. The contract is pretty standard and I’ll send it to you via an email to the email address we’ve been corresponding with. Following that, you’ll receive an email with a link to pay the retainer fee for the session. This retainer fee is applied to the balance of the total session. For example, if the retainer fee is $100 and the session total is $395+tax, the balance owed 48 hours prior to your session will be $295+tax.


Weekend Availability: First, why are there like no weekend dates you ask?! Well, we have to first acknowledge that there are only TWO weekend days vs. FIVE weekdays, lol, so by numbers there are less weekend days available than weekdays. Now that my snarky answer is over, lol, its because I get booked up SO far in advance sometimes, coupled with the fact that I also shoot weddings which are almost exclusively on weekends there are a very little amount of weekend dates open. Additionally, I have kids and a family and I just don’t want every weekend day of my own filled with sessions when those are also the only two days I have with my husband/family. I probably shouldn’t involve myself this much with this question but I am very aware that most of my clients have 9-5 jobs during the week and I know it’s a bummer if I don’t have a weekend opening but my schedule is what it is and if there isn’t an opening on my calendar for a weekend date, there most likely won’t be. I know it’s a serious bummer if you can’t make a weeknight work and you can’t work with me, but on the bright side I can absolutely refer you to other photographers who might have more weekend openings!!

What if it rains? Do we reschedule?


Ugh, yes, preferably!! You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on photos and have awful rain/weather on your portrait session date and end up looking back at them and wishing you would have rescheduled. Obviously I can’t control the weather or it would be a high of 76 degrees and slightly overcast with tons of sunshine at sunset only all the time. If the weather is WINDY, RAINY, EXCESSIVELY HOT, EXCESSIVELY COLD, POOR AIR QUALITY, FILLED WITH CICADAS, or anything else, we will absolutely reschedule and there is NO FEE for rescheduling due to weather. I have lots of clients who do not want to reschedule and would rather do their session in the poor weather, which I will 100% of the time double and triple check with you because if we show up and the weather is, in fact, no bueno for photos, you will lose your retainer fee and be required to pay a new retainer fee to reschedule. You won’t be charged for the remainder of the session, but at the same time if I have to drive out to the location after indicating we need to reschedule, and ultimately we can’t shoot for any reason related to weather/child temperaments/etc. you’ll lose that retainer. I’ve had way to many people in the past abuse this which is why I need to be as up front as I am about it!!

How do I pay you? Do you do a discount for cash?


You will be sent a link to pay the balance for your session at least 48 hours prior to the session unless you are paying in cash. If you are paying in cash you are required to remit payment at the time of the session. If for some reason you say you forgot the cash but had the best intentions of doing so, you’ll be still required to pay the full amount via a payment link the same day of the session. At this time unless stated I'm not offering discounts for cash payments.


How do I get my images? How many will I get and long will it take to see them?


Your images will be delivered electronically in an online gallery that is accessible through both a desktop and a mobile platform. The best part about this online gallery is that you can easily share it with family & friends and they can download as many of the images as they’d like at no additional charge. The images WILL NOT be watermarked and they will be yours to use for any personal use. You can also print them at any location you’d like, there is no requirement to use the printing company that I also offer through the online gallery hosting site.

Thirty minute sessions typically receive 35-50 final edited high resolution images, but that is only the minimum and you may receive more but never less than that number. The one hour sessions receive typically between 75-100 final edited high resolution images. Again, there are NO WATERMARKS.

Clients can typically expect to receive their images within 14 days of their session or whatever is agreed upon in the contract. The online gallery is up for a minimum of 10 years but I request that you back up your images to a SAFE hard drive space and separately three platforms to ensure that your images don’t get lost/corrupted from technology being technology. 

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