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Real Life

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timeless . precious . forever

About Me, My Family, + Philosophy
some of my favorite photos of my kids and my family are completely unposed. but realisiticly you have to still plan out some shots if you want to create those natural heirlooms that are passed down generations to remember your life, as it was. my real passion in photography is to capture moments as they are happening so that I can try to recreate emotions and feelings into a single photo. in order to do that you can't do any 'fancy' posing, or coercing people into models somehow during a 1 hour session. what has to happen is real moments in front of the camera and to do so we have to have some fun!
most of my couples and families choose me to capture their moments because they know I truly care about them and want them to have as natural images as possible that capture those raw emotions of life. life isn't always, "smile at the camera", in fact the best photos you see in magazines or throughout history are NEVER those images. true family artifacts and works of art need to be just that, art. they need to be felt and not just seen and provoke the person looking at them to REALLY look at them, not just see the people in them.
my WHY
so, yeah. without sounding too cheesy, you can check my work below and see that its a little different than other people who do portraits and newborn sessions. I want all the little newborn babies to have their parents and siblings included in those newborn sessions. I want my spouses INCLUDED in maternity sessions, I want families to act like families and be silly with each other. And I want couples to be in love and look to each other during their sessions.
If any of this resonates with you, contact me via the CONTACT link on my site to setup your session or just ask questions if you have any!

on location



you have the choice between having your session on location, typically outdoors, at my studio, or in your personal home for that special lifestyle touch to add to your memories.

newborn + baby

I love babies. I actually have three, almost five of my own (two sets of twins and a little ginger man)
Birth + Fresh 48 Sessions are done at the hospital while newborn sessions are either done lifestyle at your home or in my studio located in Hunt Valley Maryland. I please ask that parents keep everything natural and your outfits as neutral as possible to focus more on the baby and your family than the objects in the photo. I have a few fresh outfits for newborns to wear upon request as well as some blankets and wraps. In order to keep with authenticity I don't do any photos where I place the baby in odd positions, baskets, or the 'froggy' pose (hands under their chin). 
If you're looking for minimalist, candid, emotional captures then check out more of my work below and pricing is all below too!
Typical newborn sessions up to 2 hours are $300 and include all of your high resolution edited images delivered digitally from the session.
Yep, you don't have to buy any afterward, they're all yours. 
But if you'd like to purchase prints, canvases, or albums I also offer those you can purchase separately!

on location sessions

the best spots.

my favorite locations:

JERUSALEM MILL VILLAGE tall grass fields, old mill, historic
CROMWELL VALLEY PARK* spacious grounds with fields and woods
CYLBURN ARBORETUM* historic mansion with lush gardens and trees
UNION MILLS IN WESTMINSTER fields and gardens with old barn
LOCH RAVEN RESERVOIR waterfront with pine trees and woodsy feel
PRETTYBOY RESERVOIR waterfront with pine trees and mountainous feel
NORTH POINT STATE PARK beach vibe with sand and tree cover
SHERWOOD GARDENS lush gardens, perfect for spring
ROCK STATE PARK mountainous woodsy feel with hills
THE LIRODENDRION MANSION estate property with wisteria 
HEMLOCK GORGE woodsy trails, stream river, requires 10 minute hike
DOWNTOWN FELLS POINT urban feel, waterfront with cobblestones
FEDERAL HILL urban feel, alleyways, overlooking the city
RAWLINGS CONSERVATORY* indoor greenhouse with lush foliage and jungle
OREGON RIDGE PARK outdoor park with woodsy feel, trees
*some locations require a fee and/or a permit
engagement session at Rawlings conservatory in Baltimore
The Best Time of Day
Golden hour is the BEST time of day to do your photos.
Which is 1 hour after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset!
If you can't do one of those, just PLEASE don't schedule a time for during the middle of the day. Noon is the worst typically in the summer because it creates harsh light and bags under your eyes.

what to wear?!

these are some of my favorite neutrals for sessions

I prefer neutral colors, so that you can keep the background in check, but if you want hella vibrant colors, go with it for sure! Meaning, don't just pick what everyone else is wearing or what you "think" you should wear. Try to let me know before hand what you are wearing and I can help you choose!

Think about the weather, if its hot out, don't wear a sweater obviously. Try to stay within your season when choosing your outfit styles!

Keep your outfits simple or go all out, whatever you do just be you!

when I take my own personal photos I keep everything neutral and natural looking because I want to remember what I was like not just how I WANTED to look.

When To Book

Engagements should be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance. 
Sunday mornings for sunrise or weeknights for sunset are the preferred times for bookings!
Due to wedding season I am unavailable for weekend bookings in May, September, or October.
FRESH 48 Sessions happen within 48 hours of the baby being born! Let me know about 3 months before your due date so we can plan ahead. These are typically done in hospital.
Newborn sessions are always done within 2-3 weeks of the baby being born. I book all of these sessions on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 10A-2P. Newborn sessions are all scheduled for 2 hours in length because of the unpredictable nature of babies!
I always ask that parents be in the photos, because its not just documenting your baby its your life too and while I love the "posed" look of some newborn photos, I strive to create more of a candid, naturalistic look with my newborn photography.
Please contact me about 4-6 weeks in advance of when you will be 34 weeks pregnant. That is the ideal time for your maternity session! 
I offer outfits upon request and if you choose to do your session at my personal residence in Northern Baltimore County we can also fit in a milk bath session as well. These sessions are typically 30 minutes in length depending on outfit changes, your spouse participating or location choice.
Family sessions can be either 30 minutes (half) or 1 hour (full) and include up to 9 family members.
Please give me at least 4 weeks in advance to schedule your booking! 




view pricing for your engagement, family, maternity, or newborn session below. if you are choosing on location or lifestyle at your home, it must be within 30 miles of 21030.
engagement, family, + maternity
It's your choice to book a 30 minute session or full hour, typically if you book 1 hour you are going to have two outfit changes rather than one and possibly need more time for walking around the location. Maternity sessions are typically 30 minutes while engagement sessions are mostly 1 hour because of two outfit changes and locations.
30 Minutes
1 Outfit
Three Location Choices
30 Edited Images
Online Gallery with Digital Download of All Edited Images
*Prettyboy Reservoir or my Personal Property in Freeland MD
1 Hour
2 Outfit Changes
On Location, Lifestyle or In Studio
50 Edited Images
Online Gallery with Digital Download of All Edited Images
*Your location choice within 30 miles of 21030
All my packages include all of your edited images, the number presented is just the typical amount you are expected to receive and a minimum. You will not have to purchase any additional images following your session. They are ALL included :)
The amount of images is based on the temperament of the baby and parental involvement; meaning if parents are also included in the images there will obviously be more photos delivered. I don't pick and choose the images you receive, whatever images turn out, I send to you and they are yours to keep. You will not have to purchase any additional images after the session. If you'd like to buy an album or canvas, those are obviously additional costs but you are welcome to print wherever you'd like with the personal use print release included with your session. These prices are cheaper than average because I am very minimalist and lifestyle oriented with minimal props and posing. I like things very simple and believe there is an art to it. If you'd like more of the posed look I can absolutely refer you out to friends of mine who are lovely newborn photographers!
Up to 1 Hour
On Location at the Hospital or
Lifestyle at Your Home
35-50 Edited Images
Online Gallery with Digital Download of All Edited Images
Personal Use Release to your Edited Images
Intro 2020 Pricing
Up to 2 Hours of Time
Lifestyle or In Studio
Includes photos with siblings + parents
In studio includes use of studio outfits, diaper covers, clothes or blankets
35 to 50 Edited Images
Online Gallery with Digital Download of All Edited Images
Personal Use Release to your Edited Images
Intro 2020 Pricing
*the session time is UP TO 2 hours of time based on the temperament of the baby and ability to capture shots based on their behavior during the session. Some sessions are 1 hour and others are 2 but will receive the same amount of images based on those factors
30 Minutes of Session Time
2 Outfit Changes
Optional Cake Smash Included
On Location or In Studio
In studio includes use of studio outfits, diaper covers, clothes or blankets
15-30 Edited Images
Online Gallery with Digital Download of All Edited Images
Personal Use Release to your Edited Images
Intro 2020 Pricing
Includes each of the following:
01. Half Maternity Session
02. Newborn Session
03. Six Month 
04. One Year Cake Smash
The Mini Book 
(valued at $129)
Intro 2020 Pricing
11X14 Canvas  $149
The Mini Book $129
Small 5X5 Twenty Page Linen Book with up to 25 Edited Images + Free Shipping
*I recommend that you add photos from your maternity session and newborn session in this book or just newborn. Custom engraving is available for an additional $15
The Heirloom $299
Large 10X10 Thirty Page Linen Cover Baby Album with up to Seventy Five Edited Images + Free Shipping
*I recommend that families use these albums to tell the story from pregnancy to one year. Meaning, you should add your maternity, fresh 48 photos, newborn, 6 month and 1 year photos to this book to really have an amazing heirloom telling your child's first year story.