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I love being a wedding photographer and best of al I get to photograph some of the kindest most amazing people ever in gorgeous places! Also, I specialize in candid, photojournalistic story telling so I can capture their big day just as it happened so they can put the cell phone down and enjoy their wedding day.


Portraits and lifestyle are my first loves in the photography field! I love meeting new people and capturing their stories through the lens of a camera so they can share for generations! I also love mentoring and working with other photographers to help them with their business and I'm always community over competition!
Oh Heyyyyy!!!

Baltimore wedding, portrait, + boudoir photographer

Caitlyn + Eric| Big Cork Vineyards

True Love.

What words can I use to truly describe these two.... besides they are truly in love. It was said numerous times last night at their wedding and you can clearly see it with the way they act with one another and especially because they both wrote their own vows and they were LITERALLY the exact same and they DIDN'T know what the other said!!!

Since I sat down with Caitlyn + Eric I knew this couple was my ideal client. What I mean by that, is my entire motto, based off of something called Person Centered Theory, is to be genuine and authentic... not just say it and pretend that's what I am, legitimately honest, open, and who I am with all my clients all the time. Caitlyn + Eric are the same people, they just want to be who they are, and it's so refreshing and energizing to be around such amazing human beings. Not to mention, these two somehow found each other and they are perfect.

We first did their engagement session in downtown Elliott City Maryland where they met, we started at Bean Hollow, got some coffee, bullshitted around about stuff and just had a good time. I got photos of them just being, being themselves and being candid. That's what it's all about people, not these posed things you find on Instagram, its about your truth, your REAL story. When we were galavanting through the streets, literally + figuratively, we talked about how they just wanted to be captured naturally and feel comfortable during their wedding... not something posed and forced, they wanted to feel like they could be who they are... and I can say, the photos turned out SO MUCH MORE than I hoped for for them because of that.

Surrounded by their truest family + friends they made it official at Big Cork Vineyards in Rohrsville Maryland; their theme.... The Princess Bride. Seriously guys... this couple was the closest I will EVER GET to my own personality, values, and serious love of all things different... I mean shit!! The groomsmen had socks on with the grooms face all over them, YES they were custom made and freaking AMAZING!!! How did I get this lucky to meet the couple of my dreams, hahahaha.... It's "inconceivable!"

Anyway, to Caitlyn + Eric....

I love you both and I'm so happy, like SO HAPPY I got to be there with you two, capture your memories, enjoy in your perfect best day ever, and so lucky to now call you friends and know you both, because you two are it. You're the real deal.

Always remember.... As Youuuuu Wiiiiiiiiiiish!!!!

<3 Lisa


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