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I love being a wedding photographer and best of al I get to photograph some of the kindest most amazing people ever in gorgeous places! Also, I specialize in candid, photojournalistic story telling so I can capture their big day just as it happened so they can put the cell phone down and enjoy their wedding day.


Portraits and lifestyle are my first loves in the photography field! I love meeting new people and capturing their stories through the lens of a camera so they can share for generations! I also love mentoring and working with other photographers to help them with their business and I'm always community over competition!
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Baltimore wedding, portrait, + boudoir photographer


When Haris Met Sami // Mansion at Valley Country Club

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

What can I say about these two. Well, I don't know Haris too well, but I do know Sami. I don't do a TON of weddings for friends of mine but I can say its extra fun for me as a photographer to capture a wedding of one of my friends and somebody I know NOT just as my bride/groom. A few years ago I met Sami while we were both at Loyola University working towards our Masters Degrees in School Counseling! I can't remember exactly how many classes we were in but enough to know each other and I got to know Sami a lot better when she helped to nanny my children this past summer! SO many times my kids would be like "Ms. Sami said this, and I love Ms. Sami, and blah blah blah.." they just LOVE her!! So when I told them I was photographing Ms. Sami's wedding for MONTHS as I would leave for a wedding they would ask me, is it "Ms. Sami's wedding?!" But then the day came and it WAS Ms. Sami's wedding!!!

So there is more to the story of Haris and Sami's wedding day. On the day of, it was supposed to rain.... like all day... like all of freaking 2018 it was rain. So when I arrived to the house where everyone was getting ready all the bridesmaids and Sami were talking about the decision that they had to make regarding the rain plan. Their venue told them they needed a decision so that they could put the chairs outside or inside and since the forecast was literally on and off with when it was going to rain there was a HUGE decision to make. Because if it was going to be outside they weren't going to move it in.... long story short after asking for suggestions from everyone Sami decided to push the wedding outside because that is what her dream was. And to be completely honest, that was THE SCARIEST DECISION I EVER HAD TO TAKE PART IN GIVING ADVICE.... because I suggested that she have it outside and do it!!!

So a long story short, we get to the ceremony... we had already done her first look and now we are ready to go... the storm clouds roll in.... the guests are all seated... and we are waiting to start. The radar doesn't look good and my team and I were all thinking about WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! So... we went inside, told them they needed to do this now! The coordinator got things running and the ceremony happened. AND HOLY SHIT--- the rain held off LITERALLY until the kiss. RIGHT after they kissed, it started to rain and a few moments later DOWN POURED!!! So not only were we lucky because if it rained I would have made SUCH a bad call offering advice on that--- but also that Sami and Haris had a first look before the wedding so that we didn't have to worry about doing their formals in the rain... but hey, knowing me I LOVE rain wedding photos!! But for this wedding, legit it was perfect!!!

So in the end, everything was amazing and couldn't have been better!!! <3

Vendor Team:

Photo + Video: Lisa Robin Photography

Hair + Make Up: Beauty by Melissa Shirey

Signs & Calligraphy-: Hannah Hartman (IG: hannah_lettered)

Dress Deisgner: Wtoo by Watters, purchased and altered at Betsy Robinson

Grooms attire: Mens Wearhouse

How did you two meet? *

We met through the bride's maid of honor, Heather in the summer of 2011. Her and Haris played on the same social kickball team downtown and she introduced us. We didn't talk all summer and reconnected mid-August during a night of dancing at Stalking Horse. Haris asked for my number, we had our first date, and have been together ever since :)

When and how did the proposal happen?! *

Haris & I went on a 3 week trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina to visit with Haris' family (he is from there- he moved to the US with his parents and 2 younger brothers as a child). During our trip, we drove out to Dubrovnik for a few days. One night in Dubrovnik, we were walking down the stairs of our hotel to dinner. Haris stopped to "tie his shoe" and when I turned around to hurry him along he was down on one knee, ring in hand, asking me to marry him :) We went to Proto for dinner to celebrate, and after returning to Bosnia, celebrated several more times with family before returning home.

What made you choose your wedding venue? *

We wanted something elegant and romantic, and the vibe of the mansion was just that. It was classic and moody, with pops of modern furniture. There was plenty of room for guests to mingle and enjoy the night, I loved the history of the mansion and it being local for us. It required minimal decor on our part, the bar area was large. Food, apps, and alcohol were included in the pricing. Food was great at the tasting. I liked the option of being able to have the ceremony out on the porch. My dad and I both really enjoyed working with Mary O'Hern throughout the whole process. She was great with communication and helped make sure everything was smooth and what we wanted.

What was the BEST part about your wedding? *

We LOVED saying our vows privately to each other before the ceremony. It was such a sweet, raw moment for the two of us and we would do it that way again a thousand times over. Just being with each other and making it official. We also had such a smooth day without drama, and everyone had a BLASTTTT (cue Baltimore Club music hahahaha).

What was the WORST part about your wedding?

It went SO fast!! Having to rush the ceremony due to the rain, but still glad we went with outside :) (thanks for helping us decide at the house and on how to tell the venue lol)

If you could offer ONE piece of advice to engaged couples planning a wedding, what would it be? *

Plan YOUR day how YOU want. The people you invite, the food you pick, the "events"/ games/ photo booth, the decor, all of it... if everything is true to you both as a couple, it makes the day of much less stressful and you can just enjoy the day as it unfolds. Your wedding should say "this is us"!

Mansion at Valley Country Club

Mansion at Valley Country Club

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